The Benefit Coordinators is a twofold organization. We are federal employee benefit experts. As such, we conduct trainings, Lunch-n-Learn events, seminars, one-on-one teachings to agencies, unions, associations, offices, and individuals across the United States. We also make available supplemental benefits to those employees which feel a need to greater control their own benefit needs.

We offer supplemental benefits such as; Term, Universal, Indexed Universal, Modified Whole Life, and Whole life insurance, Accident, Cancer, short-term and long-term disability, supplemental retirement, and indexed annuity products.

First and foremost we consider ourselves as educators! We provide, without cost, a complete Federal Employee Benefit Review. This multi-document item provides an in-depth and thoughtful review of your existing benefits. Further, a future estimate of what retirement incomes and benefits could be. Finally, a snapshot of benefit holes which leave an employee exposed.

Products offered by The Benefit Coordinators are very diverse? Often, we are described as the supplemental Federal Benefits Provider. Specifically, we offer Life, Accident, Cancer, supplemental retirement, and annuities. In most cases we offer more than one product allowing the employee the best choice.

This is not a simple answer. Many individual items combined not only make us better but make us MUCH better. We earned the status of General Service Administration vendor. We serve ONLY the federal workforce. Also, we have two additional government accreditation’s. We have offered our services for over 20 years; our presentation software is custom created for us over 15 years ago and is updated monthly. We have a deep experience base with over 150 years of employee benefit experience which has served nearly 15,000 employees. Finally, we simply offer more supplemental products than many of the other organizations existing in this market place.

We offer several seminars to employees? We can cover FEGLI, CSRS, FERS, TSP, New employee, mid-career, and Pre-retirement options. Seminar options range from 1 to 4 hours per training session.

We offer several seminars to employees. We can cover FEGLI, CSRS, FERS, TSP, new employee, mid-career, and Pre-retirement options. Seminar options range from 1 to 4 hours per training session.

Every individual Federal Employee Benefit Review is FREE, WITHOUT COST, or obligation.

Although our headquarters are located near Tulsa, Oklahoma, our individual Benefit Coordinators are in major metropolitan areas. Additionally, many of our professional’s travel and offer online benefit reviews.

Directly to the point, we are compensated on products sold. If we do a good job, we hope you will share us with your co-workers. If we do poorly, we expect you will tell others, as well. Commission is the most direct form of continuing to do a great job.