Agent Contracting

Postal & Federal Market

There are over 2.1 million government employees worldwide. Of those, 75k+ employees retire every year. This is a huge market. There are all types of employees; hourly, salary, blue collar, white collar, full-time, and part-time. Most have outstanding benefits, some do not. This is a market which has it all.

The Federal and Postal Service lane is for the agent who is not afraid of the challenge of dealing with a largely stubborn audience. It takes about 6 months to become comfortable and successful in this market. Agents must be comfortable in an office environment and a corn field because potential clients are everywhere. Further, knowledge of technology is key. Distant selling, CRM usage, computer presentations and use of Zoom or similar screen sharing software is required.

NOTE: A Windows based laptop is also required for this market.

While it’s more involved than other groups to start, once the bubble is pierced, the reward is superb. The biggest payoff is life-long clients. Available products are: short-term disability, life insurance, supplemental savings, and annuities; these are all available in the Federal and Postal Service marketplace. The active, system-following agent maintains a comfortable income of about $160k annually.

Watch these videos


The Benefit Coordinators offers three videos to help you understand our special opportunity in serving federal and Postal Service employees nationwide.

This step takes approximately 30 minutes.

Step 1: Quick Start Guide


Please READ the TBC Quick Start guide.  This SINGLE DOCUMENT  attempts to realistically define the opportunities and requirements of The Benefit Coordinators organization. We do not want there to be any surprizes or confusion.

Step 2: Agent Information Sheet


Complete The Benefit Coordinators’ PERSONAL INFORMATION SHEET. It’s all the stuff we’d ask you on a phone call. You only need to complete this once.

This step is an electronic request and takes approximately 10 minutes.

Step 3: Let's Begin

We have established this process to speed you through contracting in order to get you into production. Acting quickly will help to ensure the process is completed smoothly.

By partnering with The Benefit Coordinators, you will enjoy these important benefits;

  • The opportunity to earn the Federal Retirement Consultant (FRC) designation.
  • All fees ($1,200), 1st year only, associated with this designation are covered by The Benefit Coordinators.
  • Pre-Training is conducted online and virtually. This training is offered one on one and also in small group meetings at no additional cost to the agent.

Once certification and contracting is completed some of the benefits you will receive by partnering with The Benefit Coordinators are:

  • Use of a CRM for management of your developed federal and Postal Service leads.
  • Downloadable Presentation Software.
  • Continued education concerning the Federal and Postal Service market.

Step 4: Representation Request


You will be making a request to REPRESENT THE BENEFIT COORDINATORS.  All agents representing the Federal and Postal Service market must become part of The Benefit Coordinators (TBC). This request will be used to assign access to the TBC website, receive an agency email, and access the organization training and marketing materials.

This step is an electronic request and takes approximately 5 minutes.

Step 5: Contracting


The Benefit Coordinators has created and maintains an exclusive AFLAC BENEFITS GROUP for federal and Postal Service employees. This is special because all federal and Postal Service employee receive the federal government rate. Any questions, immediately contact our Team Leader for The Benefit Coordinators. Sharon Alford, (832) 207-5243. Here is an agent interest flyer.

This step is an electronic request and takes approximately 5 minutes.


This is a guaranteed issue SHORT-TERM DISABILITY PROGRAM. The program is payroll deductible and offers a great benefit for government employees.

This step is a paper application and requires about 25 minutes to complete.


In 1947, the ARMED FORCES BENEFIT ASSOCIATION (AFBA) emerged from the basement of the Pentagon to provide our military members with death benefits no one else would. We were founded with a commitment to safeguard those who serve.

Fed Term

  • Group term life insurance with level benefit through age 70 and coverage amounts from $50,000 – $500,000.
  • Available for U.S. citizens who are current or former government employees, government contractors, government groups, non-federal first responders, and their families.

Fed Protect

  • Group term life insurance with level benefit to age 121 and coverage amounts up to $50,000.
  • Available for U.S. citizens who are current and former federal employees and contractors, government groups, and their spouses.

Children’s Protect

  • Group term life insurance with level benefit for individuals ages 1-17 with coverage of $50,000.
  • Available for dependent children or grandchildren under age 18 of AFBA members or member-eligible individuals.

This step is a paper application and requires about 25 minutes to complete.


You will be contracted by MEGASTAR ADVISORS with the following carriers:

  • American Amicable\Occidential Life Insurance
  • American National Life Insurance Company
  • National Western Life Insurance 
  • North American Life Insurance Company
  • SILAC Insurance Company.

Any contracting outside of these will create a delay in the process.

This step is a paper application and requires about 15 minutes to complete.


SHORT-TERM BENEFITS is part of The Benefit Coordinators. The website was initially established in 2015, this website allows federal employees and contracted agents of The Benefit Coordinators an easy way to enroll for coverage with various type of insurance products..

Products provided are either guaranteed issue or issued through a special basis. These products, in some cases, are specially created for the federal and Postal Service employee.

As The Benefit Coordinators finds new products available for federal and Postal Service employees we will work to make them accessible to users on-line.

This is an electronic process which will take 15 minutes to complete.


TPA PROCESSING is the designated choice for federal and Postal Service premium processing (Allotments) of Apex Insurance Group and TBC.  It is the government employees responsibility to ensure the payroll activity is established. It is the agents specific responsibility to ensure a TPA Processing worksheet is submitted to TPA Processing.

This step is a paper application and requires about 15 minutes to complete.

Step 6: Certification


This is the application for FEDERAL RETIREMENT CONSULTANT designation. This is a LIMRA designation. It is required of all agents representing The Benefit Coordinators (TBC). The FRC certification is provided WITHOUT COST for the 1st year and the renewal fee in currently $150.

This is a paper application and will require 15 minutes to complete.


This is the electronic application for your FRC course. You will be registering for training and testing access. You will be emailed when you are approved and access has been granted.

This is an electronic application and will require 10 minutes to complete.

You have completed the contracting steps. Once reviewed and submitted you will be provided an email activating your Benefit Coordinators website access.

Any questions? Reach out (918) 245-1400.