Who We Are

Established in 1988, our parent organization, MyLife Services, began working with federal, postal service and military personnel in 1996. The Benefit Coordinators was formed that year to serve those unique markets.

In 2007, MyLife Services earned the ability to contract with the General Services Administration to provide workplace seminars in the areas of federal employee’s benefits, federal short term disability, financial management and budgeting.

Since its formation The Benefit Coordinators has assisted United States Federal and Postal Service employees in nearly every state and also in several of the United States Territories.

Our professionals are skilled to serve all facets of the government employee benefit area. This includes not only explanation of existing core benefits but the ability to select products which fill the benefit gaps. These gaps may be just the thing to provide the needed peace of mind for the employee,

Also, since 2011, The Benefit Coordinators have electronically published the Federal Employee Benefits Handbook. This handbook is organized into chapters which provide access to information most desired by employees of the federal government. Most importantly, it is without cost simply by asking your Benefit Coordinator for an electronic copy.

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