Social Security

We all look forward to retirement. Yet many of us are unsure if we have made sufficient arrangements financially to enjoy our golden years in comfort. Allow our Licensed professional advisors to assist you with making the proper decisions, such as federal short term disability, now for your future retirement.

Our no obligation consultation explains how the following factors affect how your social security retirement benefits will impact your income at retirement as well as how to potentially increase your disposable income during your retirement years.

How Social Security Works

  • Maximize your lifetime Social Security Benefit
  • When To Apply
  • Spouse Planning
  • When to Retire
  • Income Gaps when Retiring
  • What is your Total Retirement Benefit
  • How does working during your retirement affect your monthly benefit?

The longer you delay receiving benefits the higher your monthly income from both FERS and Social Security. You also continue to contribute to TSP, receive matching contributions while delaying withdrawals.

Did You Know?

Social Security makes up an average 64.8% of the total household income?

Every dollar you increase your income means less money you’ll have to spend from your nest egg to supplement your income.

The difference between the BEST and WORST Social Security election can be $30,000, $50,000… even up to $170,000 in lifetime benefits!

According to AARP, Up to 80% of baby boomers plan to work during retirement.

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