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Licensed and Dedicated Federal Employee Benefits Professionals.

The Benefit Coordinators is a subsidiary of MyLife Services which was formed in 1996 by prior military and federal employees. Our focus has always been to educate employees on their group benefits, such as federal short term disability. Our philosophy is, not everyone needs the same thing and if you don’t know what you don’t know how can you succeed?

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Clarify and Personalize your Federal Employee Benefits.

We assist you in understanding your current core benefits and how they work now and in retirement. By having a clear picture, you can then create a retirement plan that works for both you and your family through either a personal benefit review or our Lunch and Learn and ala Carte Workshops.

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Federal Employees, Postal Service Employees, & Military Personnel and their families.

We provide individual and group benefit educational services to all federal agencies, Federal Associations, Federal Labor Unions, military and family members.

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The Benefit Coordinators is subsidiary of MyLife Services which formed in 1996 by prior military and federal employees. Our goal is to provide educational and supplemental services to Federal and Postal employees as well as Military personnel and their families.

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What is the System for Award Management (SAM)?

The SAM is the primary vendor database for the United States Federal Government. The SAM collects, validates, stores and disseminates data in support of agency acquisition missions.

SAM validates the vendors information and electronically shares the secure and encrypted data with the federal agencies’ finance offices to facilitate paperless payments through electronic funds transfer (EFT). Additionally, SAM shares the data with government procurement and electronic business systems.

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