Several things make us qualified, many things make us the best. The General Services Administration has qualified as a US Government vendor. We are designated by the United States Veterans Administration as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. The Small Business Administration has designated The Benefit Coordinators as HUBZone certified. The United States Postal Service has named The Benefit Coordinators as their Financial Training Partner. We have over 150 years of employee benefit experience and have been in existence over 20 years. We have served nearly 15,000 employees.

We have served nearly 15,000 employees. These are employees from all branches of the military, and over 50 federal agencies.

The Benefit Master is the exclusive and sole property of The Benefit Coordinators. The software platform will create an in-depth review of an employee’s existing benefits and provide an estimate of retirement income and benefits. There are over 25,000 lines of computer code and to complete a benefit review 1,000 to 5,000 computations are required.

First published in 2011, the handbook provides in-depth information concerning an employee’s benefits. Currently available as an e-Document – be sure to ask a Benefit Coordinator for your no-cost copy.

The Benefit Coordinators, as an organization, is very technical friendly. This means YES, we are happy to conduct a one-on-one employee experience. This in many cases is better for both the employee and the Benefit Coordinator.

About 2011 The Benefit Coordinators began assisting federal and Postal Service employees to complete their retirement paperwork. From the Postal Services’ 150-page Blue Book to the individual documents required by other agencies, we are capable in doing it all.

Let’s define the question a little more. The government has a marvelous set of individual employee benefits. However, they are owned and managed by the government. They are group benefits. The healthy and disabled all pay the same. When the employee leaves government service the benefits leave. Within many cases we can offer individual solutions offering personal control. The Benefit Coordinators feel we have a better plan.

In many cases the answer is a simple yes! For thousands we saved employees money as well. In some cases, replacement is impossible due to insurability issues. The Benefit Coordinators may make multiple recommendations and offer several carriers.

Upon retirement, better options are generally available. The Benefit Coordinators prefers the safety and security of annuities. Annuity providers offer guarantees and options not generally available in other financial services products.

Unless the employee is personally wealthy, has thousands of sick leave hours, the answer is yes. Many employees have little savings and are incapable of weathering an on-the-job, or worse, an off-the-job injury. What about illness? Too many employees are needlessly financially burdened by NOT HAVING a short-term or long-term disability program.