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Either in a group or individual setting, your learning about your benefits is our number one objective. As with anything in life, if you have the information you can make an informed decision. When it comes to your benefits, understanding what you have and how it works will save you thousands of dollars over your life time. More importantly, in retirement, when your disposable income has decreased, you can not afford to have your core benefit costs increase. Not everyone has the same needs.


Our Workshop Program is ala carte and gives you the opportunity to not only pick the duration of the class, from 45 minutes to 5 hours, but also allows you to pick the topics of concern for your group. Let’s face it, why have CSRS employees sit in a class that goes over FERS retirement for 45 minutes?

Mix and match topics geared towards – New Hire – Mid-Career or Pre-Retirement or for FERS/CSRS.

Your local Coordinator will work with your assigned representative to establish a location, date and time as well as topics covered for your workshop, as well as assisting you in getting the word out to your members.

Individual Review

This gives you the opportunity to interact with one of our Coordinators and get into the specifics of what you need or have questions on, such as federal short term disability. We find that a one-on-one review gives you the greatest chance of success in planning for your retirement by addressing what is specific to you and your family. Request your review now.

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