Take the Stress out of Retirement

Take the Stress out of Retirement

Take the stress out of retirement

Thinking of retirement soon? For most individuals, it conjures up 2 things. Either relaxing in their home and enjoying the peace and quiet. Not to mention traveling.
But for many federal employees it can be worrisome and stressful. There are steps that need to be taken to ensure that you are ready when the day finally arrives when you can kick back and relax.
Apply for retirement with all proper paperwork

You are going to need several key documents for this purpose. You want to have your CSRS application for deferred retirement and for immediate retirement. You also need your FERS application for both deferred and immediate retirement purposes. Finally, you need to make sure that you get the continuation of Federal Employees Group Life Insurance.

Thrift Savings Plan

Once you retire, you need to wait at least 30 days before you can apply to get your TSP withdrawals. You will be given instructions on how you can do this. These instructions will be given to you right after the TSP is informed that you are no longer employed at the agency’s payroll office.

Social Security

It is important to apply for social security at least three months before you expect the benefits to start. The good news is that this application can easily be done through the internet quickly and easily.

The Interim retirement benefit payments

This is a very long process and the schedule in which the payments are made is going to depend on the OPM and their current schedule. Delays are often caused by lack of documentation so make sure you bring everything with you for your benefit payments.

Final thoughts

Being prepared with the previous steps shown, will make your federal retirement easier. Thus you can avoid the stress that you may feel when retirement is just around the corner.

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