Workplace injuries, federal short term disability and the facts!

Workplace injuries, federal short term disability and the facts!

It is very important that federal and postal service employees have a short term disability policy. The following is a list of reasons why these employees should carry this type of insurance.

Work place injuries can and do happen. Non government employers reported that in 2013 there were just under 3 million workplace injuries. They also reported that there were over 4,000 deaths that happened in the workplace. While federal employee incidents are lower, this data clearly shows that the need for federal short term disability insurance and it’s importance for every employee.

One of the most prominent safety product companies, Arbill, states that “Out of the 10 most common injuries on the job, the majority are those random incidents that can happen to anyone at any time. Not only is it the employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe work environment, each employee also has a responsibility to themselves to take careful caution when on the job.”

The following is a list of common injuries that can happen on the job:

  • Repetitive motion injuries: A job that requires the same physical motion over and over again can cause repetitive motion injuries. Back pain, neck pain and eye strain are common issues with repetitive motion injuries.
  • Machine entanglement: This injury is very common with employees that work in manufacturing and factory plants.
  • Falling from heights: Over 212,000 employees were injured and 605 employees were killed in 2009 by falls according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Blood – borne pathogen exposure: This is a very common issue with employees working in the healthcare industry. Especially since they handle body fluids, blood and other infectious materials. Due to the nature of the job the employees could contract diseases such as hepatitis B, C and HIV.
  • Violent acts. According to the Center for Disease Control over 700 homicides take place in the workplace each year. The number of altercations is much higher.

Most federal employees are not able be able to afford to be financially viable past 3 months without an income. It is common for it to take a long period of time for employees qualify for workers compensation. Plus what happens to an individual who gets injured outside of work?

The Benefit Coordinators offers the security and peace of mind you need with our short – term disability plans.

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