What if today was the last day you would ever work?

What if today was the last day you would ever work?

For most employees the thought of not ever working again would mean they retired. Unfortunately, for some individuals it means having a disability which keeps them from ever working again. Employees of the federal government are not provided with Federal Short Term Disability as part of their financial package. So it is the responsibility of the employee to obtain short-term disability. Many times these individuals never think about the need for such coverage. Personal injuries and illness, whether on or off the job, are on the rise on a national level.

The three most common injuries in the workplace that keep people from working are sprains, strains and tears. Improper stretching, overexertion, and twisting of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments is a leading cause injury in the workplace. Jobs that require employees to sit in an office for hours upon end can cause chronic back pain. Injuries such as punctures, lacerations, and cuts no matter the range in severity can cause all kinds of physical issues. With most employees covered with workers compensation, they tend to never think about the possibility of being injured off the job. How would they pay their bills and be able to keep their current standard of living?

There are also countless ways to experience injury while not on the job. Here are some examples of non-work place injury or illness that could affect an individual’s finances:

1. A sickness or disease that can take a longer time to recover from.
2. Surgeries that require physical therapy for a long period of time.
3. Any type of injury that happens while not at work.

There are countless other scenarios which could cause injury that would keep a person from work. The importance of a good Federal Short Term Disability insurance policy is that it covers work and non-work injuries. Federal law states that short-term disability can cover no more than 65% of an individual’s monthly income. A non-government job short-term disability program last about an average of 26 weeks. For federal government employees a personal short-term disability plan offers benefits for 1 year. Federal and Postal employees are offered comprehensive and affordable Federal Short Term Disability programs through Benefit Coordinators.

DID YOU KNOW that Federal Employees Disability Insurance is now available?

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