The Three Agencies Aiming to Improve Federal Employee Retirement Plans

The Three Agencies Aiming to Improve Federal Employee Retirement Plans

There are currently three organizations working to improve the customer experience for federal employees.

Companies should invest in customer service to maintain customer loyalty and receive referrals to new consumers. The same may be said about government agencies, both those that serve the general public and federal employees.

The Office of Personnel Management, the Social Security Administration, and the Thrift Savings Plan are all likely to be contacted by federal employees approaching retirement. Online services can sometimes help you get what you need. A phone call may be more productive and efficient in other situations. When you contact for assistance, you should expect prompt, courteous, and dependable service.

The IG office’s fraud hotline continues to receive complaints from annuitants and public members who are upset by attempts to settle retirement-related issues, according to an October 2021 report from the OPM’s inspector general. By raising the backlog of cases and delaying processing times. Many of the IG’s inquiries are about concerns regarding interim annuity payments given while retirement claims are being adjudicated.

Since November 2020, the Office of Personnel Management has been working with the General Services Administration’s Information Technology Modernization Centers for Excellence to update its obsolete retirement processing system. The new system will affect the third quarter of 2022. Increasing the staff members and creating better operational procedures will also aid the OPM retirement services.

To maintain their accounts, retirees are recommended to use OPM Services Online. OPM can be reached toll-free at 1-888-767-6738 or via email at

During the epidemic, Social Security also had issues with customer service. “In the past, when people went to their local Social Security field offices, they knew they would get outstanding, compassionate support with their earned benefits,” Nancy Altman, president of Social Security Works, wrote in a recent opinion piece for The Hill. It was also regarded as one of the most desirable government agencies to work for. It is now near the bottom of the list. Training, which used to be thorough and of the highest quality, is said to have degraded.”

I’ve noticed that the service I’ve had from Social Security has ranged from decent to exceptional during the pandemic. They returned my calls within a few minutes, and the representatives genuinely tried to resolve the difficulties I highlighted. If you create a My Social Security account, you will have access to a national toll-free number, 800-772-1213, and a variety of online services. Early in the morning, early in the evening, and later in the month, the toll-free line is less busy. In early April, Social Security plans to reinstate in-person customer service centers.

Federal employees and retirees can contact the Thrift Savings Plan by calling 877-968-3778. Later this year, the TSP will expand the number of ways people can access aid and information. One of these is an online virtual assistant who is available at all times. During business hours, you’ll be able to interact with a TSP representative utilizing a new live-agent chat capability while you’re signed into your account or using the TSP’s mobile app.

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