Short-term Disability and Government Employees

Short-term Disability and Government Employees

In a world where potential for sickness, accidents, and injury are high, federal employee short term disability insurance plan becomes very important. Most people think this cannot happen as it’s hard to imagine having short term disability issues when you are a healthy individual. However, the importance is of having short term disability plan is evident when the situation occurs. Many employees are left feeling “I should have enrolled in short-term disability!”

Government employees as well as non-government employees need a short-term disability plan for several reasons:

  1. It is crucial to have money to draw on in the event a tragedy happens. Spending money on these situations could result in a massive loss to not only your savings, but even retirement.
  2. An accident or illness affects the income producing capability of the employee. Yes, Workers Compensation is part of every employees base benefits. However; Workers Compensation only covers on the job injuries, not injuries occurred outside of work.

A good federal short term disability plan not only protects a federal employee should an injury or illness happen on or off the job, but also coordinates the benefits if a Workers Compensation claim occurs.

In no cases can a short-term disability plan provide more than 60 to 65 percent of an employee’s income. This in part why it is import for the employee to maintain an emergency fund to assist in the potential loss of income. Maintaining a healthy balance of sick or annual leave is also important should a disability happen.

While any type of disability plan is an extra expense, loss of income is far worse. Statistics show 66% percent of working Americans will incur some type of injury within their working career.

With the vast number of occupations among government employees it makes a group insurance plan difficult to offer. The Office of Personnel Management has raised the issue of offering a short-term disability, in years past, but it never gained much interest due to the cost.

In summary, any accident or illness is expensive, whether on the job or not. Lost wages, income, and the potential for lost savings is a recipe for disaster on any family’s budget.

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