Giving Names of His Cabinet Members Before the Election Could Hurt Biden’s Chances

Giving Names of His Cabinet Members Before the Election Could Hurt Biden’s Chances

As the United States awaits who Joe Biden will pick as his veep, the presumptive Democratic nominee surprised a lot of people when he said that his Cabinet members may also be chosen and announced before the election. This move comes with its own pros and cons.

Typically, Presidential candidates delay naming the people for their Cabinet until they win the election. They do give hints sometimes even though most campaigns do not do so since it might show overconfidence on the candidate’s part.

Also, experts are now wondering whether announcing the members might violate current campaign finance regulations since it could be seen as a bribe in lieu of political support.

Biden has been frequently telling voters that he would have a very seasoned team at the White House who would keep the government going, if he retired after one term, or began having health issues.

It is not known if such an announcement would help or hurt his election campaign, especially with the COVID pandemic that is raging throughout the States. There’s no precedent to look at for a situation like this.

An expert analysis of various election campaigns shows that a candidate’s running mate has a negligible effect on the voters. Even though, running mates can sway voters if they are more popular than the party’s presidential candidate.

While some experts believe that vice-presidential candidates could help draw voters from their home state or demographic group, that is usually not the case.

Given that the Vice President candidate does not affect the election to any great deal, it is unlikely that the announcement of Cabinet members would affect the campaign either.

But voters do view veep picks to judge the Presidential candidate’s abilities and their views. It gives them a deeper understanding of who they really are.

Naming Cabinet members might end up causing a similar effect. Going with the right team could show the public that Biden is prepared to enter office with an seasoned and informed team that’s prepared for anything.

It does come with its own share of issues. The incumbent Donald Trump would have more targets and people to attack. Biden’s picks would also be placed under intense scrutiny by the media.

If these nominees were involved in any scandals or campaign trail embarrassments, that could hurt his campaign by shifting the focus to these picks. Biden’s governing and judgment abilities would be called into question if he picks the wrong candidates.

Also, such campaign trail issues would mean that the Senate may not be ready to confirm the nominees, even if Biden wins the election.

As of now, Biden’s latest announcement has brought him positive media coverage. However, it is yet to be known whether such a move would have any tangible positive effects on his campaign – while it almost certainly doesn’t help, a backfire could cost him greatly. The Benefit Coordinators THE Federal Short Term Disability Insurance!

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