Discover the Time-Saving Idea Of a Navy Reservist

Discover the Time-Saving Idea Of a Navy Reservist

Discover the Time-Saving Idea Of a Navy Reservist

A couple of years ago, the idea of Navy reservists using an app for assembling their mobilization documents felt like a dream. Although this could considerably reduce the handiwork, the idea was never taken into consideration.

However, this was only until a Navy officer gave it a serious thought. Lt. Cmdr. Jonathan Calhoun, assigned to the Maritime Operations Center, was completing one of his mobilization exercises with truckloads of paperwork when he came across this thought.

He had seen sailors use apps to complete similar activities, which allowed most of the information to be pre-populated. It was there that he noticed the generous amount of time being saved from entering repetitive information. He also realized that the errors occurring from this mundane task were dropping as a result of the digital shift.

The task that could potentially take around a whole week to be completed was being completed in a couple of hours. As soon as the sailors reached their Navy Reserve Center to complete the process of mobilization, their work would be completed in the blink of an eye. All the necessary information was already inputted, with the required validation and verification completed as well. Thus, there was no need to fill in several forms with the same information.

“Leveraging Mobile Technology to Streamline Mobilization” was the name given to Calhoun’s fantastic idea. It triumphed in the i3 Waypoints program introduced by Admiral John Mustin (the Navy Reserve Chief) to encourage sailors to share their ideas with Navy personnel.

Mustin confirmed that the design for Calhoun’s idea is already under process. Moreover, he lauded the idea stating that through the digital technology, the Navy would now be able to complete the mobilization procedure of its entire force of 50000 in only days.

The name of the i3 Waypoints program was curated in such a way that it highlights innovation and integrates several different concepts into one program. The program received an exact number of 107 proposal submissions within 5 weeks. Impressed by its success, it was decided that the i3 Waypoints program would now continue as an annual event.

Mustin explained how the welcoming response served as an integral factor in finalizing the decision to make it an annual program. With so many officers willing to share their ideas of modernizing traditional practices, it can be concluded that the decision to claim i3 Waypoints as a yearly event was wise. Mustin further highlighted the importance for the leadership to have their subordinates communicate their ideas without any filter.

Calhoun, who spent around 13 years in the Navy, said that he would definitely encourage other creative minds in his knowledge to take up their ideas to the leadership. This was solely as a result of the cordial attitude portrayed by the leaders at the i3 Waypoints event. Since the higher-ups were eager to welcome innovative ideas with open arms, Calhoun thought it would be best for everyone to participate and share their innovations.

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